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Welcome to Naranjo Plastic

Art comes in many forms, beauty is part of it. Like art, the human body is a true expression of a magnificent beauty. That is why in Naranjo Plastics we thrive in the motion that is our privilege to find that hiding beautifulness within you. Dr. Gustavo Naranjo is not only a Plastic Surgeon, but an artist; the one that can transform dreams in pure reality the one always, the one always seeking perfection in both his work and his results. The new you, -as he calls it- should be a transition that has to be smooth, subtle and natural.

You will feel the tenderness and professionalism of our staff; feeling like home has total new meaning within our walls. That is why when it comes to you choosing the right doctor to find the “new you” Dr. Gustavo Naranjo is you best option. Come on down and let us walk with you hand by hand to find that beauty you are yet to experience, because after all, you deserve it.

Dr Gustavo Naranjo.      …the architect of dreams!

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. Make our patients feel like home, make them not afraid to put their dreams and hopes in our hands and mainly, we thrive to deliver the best service in the field.


Our mission aid our patients to brighten their beauty and increase their self esteem through the quality our medical staff and services; always thinking on your health and beauty.


To Establish Naranjo Plastic in this region as a renounced clinic, offering the most recent improvements in esthetic surgery, combining art and science through efficiency and human warmth, developing our staff in a continuous improvement process.

Before making a surgery related decision, it is important to know your doctor so that you can confirm that your decision is the correct one. We represent the professional experience of Doctor Gustavo Naranjo Méndez.With the information you found here and once you visit us and wen you meet Dr. Naranjo, you will be more confident to make such an important decision.