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Breast Augmentation - Mammoplasty

The breast increase technically known as “mammoplasty augmentation” is a surgical procedure that is designed to increase and improve the shape of a woman’s breast who desires a different appearance. Some women also want to increase their breast size after pregnancy since the breast tends to diminish after this period of time. This surgery can be used to equilibrate the breast size. Also after a “mastectomy” (Breast amputation) the implants can be used to reconstruct the female breast.

During this procedure an implant is placed in the back of the breast and this is how several levels of increase can be performed.

Surgery Length
Between 1 to 2 hours

Who are the best candidates?
Women that are trying to improve their appearance. If you are perfectly healthy and have realistic expectation, you can also be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

What is the recovery process?
After the surgery, the patient has to avoid moving her arms up for the first 3 days (since this could be uncomfortable for the patient). After 7 days the patient must start getting some massages following the doctor’s instructions and the stitches can be removed. The patient must avoid picking up heavy objects and must not drive for one week for a more effective recovery.

Returning to normal activities
The time for people to recover and come back to their regular activities changes according to the patient and her activities. However on a normal basis it could take 1-2 weeks.