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Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Trough nose Surgery, also known as “Rhinoplasty”, the nose size can be increased or reduced. Additionally the shape or the angle between the nose and the upper lip can be changed. This surgery give us the opportunity to correct any defect caused by a lesion or birth defect.

Surgery Length
One and a half or two hours.

Who are the best candidates?
Those people that have disproportionate nose with external defects or any breath difficulty or internal defect.

What is the recovery process?
Few days after the surgery some breathing difficulties can occur, depending on the case, a nasal patch will be placed and is removed in two or three days, or a ferule for 4 or 6 days.

It is very common in this kind of surgery to find some inflammations and bursts around the eyes for two weeks.

Returning to normal activities
People can return to their regular activities after one or one and a half weeks after the surgery (depending on the case) trying not to get injured for 3 or 4 weeks.