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Patients Guide

Here you will find a guide to facilitate the surgical process in which you will be put under.

1. It is important that when choosing the surgeon, you make an appointment with him at great length to review your case and to solve all of your doubts, consultations are cost at $ 60 which includes consultation
personal in Naranjo Plastic Clinic

In this first appointment, Dr. Gustavo Naranjo will review your case to know all your expectations and desires. Later, a diagnosis of the required surgery will be made, and then Dr. Naranjo will propose the surgery that he considers ideal for your case according whit the diagnosis.

Once all their doubts have been solved and it has been decided the surgery, Dr. Naranjo will give you the requests for laboratory examinations and X-rays necessary for the surgical procedure. If you are a woman, it is important to tell if you are pregnant or have suspicions to be, in order to make the corresponding studies and to avoid future risks to you or the product health.

2. You will have to make these medical examinations and X-rays studies so Dr. Naranjo reviews them and continue with the process satisfactorily.

3. Later you will have to arrange an appointment with Internal Medicine to make a physical and cardiological evaluation. (This evaluation is made in the same Naranjo Plastic Clinic)

4. With the results of all the required examinations, we will program the date and hour of your surgery.

5. The surgical procedure will be performed and depending on the type of surgery, you will have to stay one night at the clinic to recovery. Dr. Naranjo will provide its medical prescription and post-surgical indications. At this time an appointment will be made for your first revision.

6. Post-surgical consultations will be made according with the type of conducted procedure and your own recovery. Dr. Naranjo will see you every week, and short after every other week until it is no necessary, depending on your case.

With the hope that together we will realize our goals, we at Naranjo Plastic are at your service. Thank You!!